About Pure Air Filters

Our company has been selling and producing Custom and non-standard air-conditioning and furnace filters since 1989.

We found that it was very difficult to find, those hard-to-find, odd size A/C and furnace filters for your home in the market place, so we decided to manufacture those special size filters. Each of our filters is made to order and Made in the U.S.A. We can make any size air-conditioning filter either for your home, office or your commercial building.

All our A/C and furnace filters are custom made with the highest quality of hyper-allergenic media.

Our specialty media starts with our polyester blue and white which is a M.E.R.V. 6 and then we move to our ORANGE AND WHITE M.E.R.V. 8 DRY TACK ANTIMICROBIAL, which helps to control microbes as they pass through the filter. We also have our pleated M.E.R.V. 8 which has twice as much surface area as our flat panel filters. If you are dealing with odors, we have our ODOR BAN CARBON FILTER, which will help to control those smells that are not pleasant to your nose.

Our custom cut filters for your home will also help you with any airborne allergies that you suffer with. Don’t worry about size….let us know your dimensions, and we will make those custom sizes you need at a very fair price.

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